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How Can I Have More Control Over My life (Contd) - Various - Publikation Uden Navn #2 (CDr)

by Voodoomi

8 thoughts on “ How Can I Have More Control Over My life (Contd) - Various - Publikation Uden Navn #2 (CDr) ”

  1. Well, The 2 main contradicting answers you usually get to your question are: 1. You have no control over your life. Everything is decided by a supreme force and what has to happen will happen no matter what.(This is what most god fearing people ha.
  2. Oct 04,  · A ritual is a highly precise behavior that you perform over and over, at a specific time, so it becomes automatic and no longer requires much willpower to get it done. 2. Take yourself out of harm’s way. You can’t easily lash yourself to a mast, but you can selectively avoid temptations.
  3. Sometimes in life, we might be glanced over for the coveted job promotion, have to wait in line while others are shown to the red carpet, get unfairly judged, get rear-ended in traffic even if we were driving safely, etc. We have no control over a lot of it. We are best served by focusing on what we can .
  4. Your life is all about you, but in a sense it’s also about the people around you. They will shape your moods, your views, your ability to get things done, and of course how much you enjoy life.
  5. Jul 25,  · Once you shift your brilliance, you have more control over whatever comes your way, and you can define your future in the present. By taking over .
  6. While a great deal of life is out of our control, we must recognize what is in our power. We call the shots on what we are willing to put up with. Stop making excuses and decide to take control of what you can. Start playing offense, instead of defense. This is your life. Once you believe you have the power to change it, a new world opens up.
  7. Some things are destined to happen. No matter how hard you try you just can't stop certain things. But the way one react to those certain things is definitely under human control. One can either choose to react or respond. By reacting the man woul.
  8. Dec 29,  · For example: you can't just say you want to "eat healthy," but ignore the fact that buying healthy food tends to be a bit more expensive. Take the time to go through your credit card statements.

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